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Since T&T Nursery Ltd. was founded in 1987, we have been specialized in producing vegetable and flower plug plants for more than 30 years.
In our production process, we are aiming to avoid pesticides applications.
This has been achieved by establishing a safe and efficient cultivation method that maximizes the interrelationship between plants and microorganisms.
We also provides agricultural producers with customized cultivation solutions which utilize microbial materials and other specialized fertilizers and equipment.

Hiroshi Tezuka, CEO

Products & Services

Plug Plants/Seedlings

  • Vegetable
  • Flower
  • Paddy Rice


  • Microbial Fertilizers
  • Fertilizers for Irrigation Systems


  • Strawberry Soil
  • Vegetable Soil
  • Soil Conditioners

Agricultural Equipment

  • Nano Bubble Waterl
  • Auto Irrigation System
  • Carbon Dioxide Generation System
  • Hanging Cultivation System


  • Cultivation advisory service for agricultural producers

Corporate Profile

Company Name T&T Nursery Ltd.
Company Address Office/Main Farm
410 Kichisawa, Nikko, Tochigi, Japan 3211273
TEL:+81 (0)288 22 4459 FAX:+81 (0)288 22 4802

Satellite Farm
344-1 Segawa, Nikko, Tochigi, Japan 3211263
Establishment June 3rd, 1987
Capital JPY 57,000,000
CEO Hiroshi Tezuka
Number of Employees 15
Business Details 1. Plug Plants / Seedlings: Vegetable, Flower, Paddy Rice
2. Agricultural Materials: Microbial Materials, Fertilizers, Soils, and Agricultural Equipment


1987 Established ”Imaichi Agriculture Service Ltd.”, aiming for large-scale agriculture, and started seedling
productions for agricultural producers.
1992 Developed large seedling production machinery, and acquired patents for multiple machinery and equipment.
Won the 2nd Asahi Agriculture Prize as a agricultural production cooperation.
Changed the corporate name to “T&T Nursery Ltd.”.
1998 Approval from Nikko city as a certified farmer.
Commenced the utilization of enzyme fertilizers in own farm and consignment sales of those products,
aiming for a dissemination of food safety and environmental
2008 A collaborative research with Utsunomiya University was conducted on enzyme fertilizers
2010 Commenced producing clonal seedlings.
The introduction of the completely closed LED seedling facility
2012 The introduction of the seedling production management system.
2014 Became an external lecturer at Utsunomiya University on a new cultivation method.
2017 Launched cultivation advisory business for the newly-started agricultural producers (focused on tomatoes, cucumbers and strawberries).
2018 Commenced the production of ”Tochiotome” plug plants.